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No More Hangovers, Try More Labs Morning Recovery

Getting up in the morning for many can be a challenge. Americans are not getting enough sleep, and oftentimes have had a little too much to drink the night before. 

A new wave of supplements called smart supplements are changing the way people fuel themselves before and after a night of drinking. Though there is no such thing on the market as a hangover cure, More Labs Morning Recovery is one product that is helping people overcome their groggy mornings.

So what’s the secret formula to overcoming that dreaded slow morning mental fog ? Having the right ingredients in your supplement is a good start. Morning Recovery by More Labs contains ingredients that are clinically proven to help alleviate fatigue such as Dihydromyricetin, Prickly Pear Extract, Milk Thistle, Electrolytes, Vitamin B complex and more. For example, Milk Thistle is one ingredient that is proven to support healthy liver function and reduce lasting damage.

Though More Labs most well known and current flagship product is Morning Recovery the brandalso offers two other fascinating products, Aqua Immunity: an oral rehydration solution designed to help you hydrate faster and more effectively than water alone, and Liquid Focus: a supplement that promotes focus, productivity, and supports brain health, without the gnarly ingredients or the negative side effects of your typical coffee, energy drinks, or smart pills. The products offered by More Labs is more than just your typical Vitamin fruit chew you purchase from a supermarket.

Silicon Valley professionals have been taking nootropics and other supplements for years that have produced adverse effects at times to have a competitive edge in the tech industry. As the demand for smart supplements grow, awareness around safe and clean products are also on the rise as well. 

Visit More Labs today to purchase Smart Supplements and reclaim your mornings.



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