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Nikki Jean Releases Inspiring Short Film: Get Free

Singer-songwriter Nikki Jean follows her Rhymesayers Entertainment debut project, Beautiful Prison, with a self-directed short film, Get Free.

The Get Free project aims to celebrate and uplift women of color, and features a dozen other artists and entrepreneurs including Goldie Patrick, Veronica Zacharias, Ama Law, Tashira Halyard, April Manuel, Ebony Westbrook, Onrae Watkins, Kacey Williams, Zewditu Jewel, Anika Hobbs, and more. As this project continues to develop, Nikki Jean hopes to use her platform to share the stories of other inspired women.

The opportunity to make something that inspired me, inspired by people whose work and energy I eagerly desire to amplify, was irresistible. This piece is a result of my own journey, my celebration of others on the path, and my desire for us all to get free.
— Nikki Jean

Nikki Jean continues to be a tenacious advocate for empowerment in conjunction with her celebrated music career. In the self-directed music video for the standout track, “Driver,” Nikki Jean pays a visit to her alma mater, Howard University, and surrounds herself with women whose creativity and contributions to society inspire her immensely. It was this video, which began as an attempt to celebrate strength and unity, that evolved into the Get Free short film.

Last month, Nikki Jean premiered Get Free as part of a speech at IDEA-GEN, a global UN summit focused on empowering women and girls.



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