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"Never Again, Cycles Never End" poem by Jhantu Randall

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We got kids in cages, people in deplorable conditions
Arguing over justification because no one can explain the mission
You cant exploit geo politics by choking regimes into submission then scream about those who run from the same regimes you claim to be vicious

Then again everything is ass backwards
Rage for an unjust system while framing those who fight it as cowards
The dream has morphed into aspiring to be a cog in the machine
To escape this we argue everything shown across a screen
Corrupt in all industries
some has been exposed so they just re-brand the packaging
Living in the age of decadence
Pushed further by pride in ignorance

Reality is reality TV
We're guilty of willingly participating
At war with privatization, deregulation and austerity
Turning on other humans like we're reliving past battles fighting it vicariously
Charged for fleeting resources that will soon be gone
Existing in a time where the worlds fighting to keep the facade



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