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"Never Alone" poem by Jhantu Randall

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If I could write something to build upon every artist work let the good begin
I just wanna see the dedicated ones win but we all got haters who hide behind a grin
I'm always gonna want more
The answer is obscure but in the end I know we're the cure

The antidote for those lost souls who feel they're kept off shore
Those who use their skill to break in the door
I want wealth, the luxury of good health even though the patrols wish for me to fail
I'm rising for the first time knowing who I am
Pride in my brown skin it's like I found the fountain of youth
Flip it like Mysonne and give you the truth locked in a recording booth

We gonna make it, stay on the grind
The landscape is marked but this world is mine
Sign of the times
So I find comfort in those who find new ways to define
Success from publishing, presenting rapping, singing just creating
Own the content in all its different stages

Now I cant lose
Put in a place to live out the blues but transition to another wave to live another day while Those who are asleep would rather hit snooze
5 minutes can make a huge difference
It's the time between just being a worker or at the table making decisions
To all fellow artists, we are blessed and cursed to live pursuing this mission
Build together and manifest the vision



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