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Celebrity Host Samantha Goldberg talks Fashion, Weddings, Reality TV, & more in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson

Mistah Wilson: Hey Samantha Goldberg! Thank you so much for coming thru for this exclusive interview with thawilsonblock magazine! For our audience reading this, could you give us a quick background on yourself in your own words? 
Samantha Goldberg: I'm a Chicago native of 35 years transplanted over 15 ago to the East Coast aka New York City. I moved out here originally for my husband who was given a career opportunity we couldn’t pass up. It was very hard to believe I was seven months pregnant newly married and knew no one out on the East Coast. Some might describe it as I just picked up and left everyone and everything which was a really hard thing to do. There are some days where it is still difficult as Chicago will always be my home and my heart. I thought for sure my new career would be a mother... As my mother worked when we were younger she had her own company. I felt that I wanted to spend more time with my daughter and not work. After spending about six months as a mom, I realized maybe there’s a possibility of having the best of both worlds. To be very plain and honest I was going bonkers and needed some brain cells other than playgroups and shopping. When I left the Chicago area I was working in the professional beauty and fashion industry in addition to some modeling and tv. I am a third-generation child prodigy. After some long conversation and thought I decided to see if I could do some consulting for professional companies after all we do live in the fashion capital of the US. I made a resume with a job description that one particular company did not have. They told me I was overqualified for the position however, they didn’t review my resume very well because the position on paper was not the position they had available. It was quite humorous when they said “Mrs. Goldberg you must be applying for a different company we don’t have this job description.” My response kindly was “if you hired me you would”. They responded sadly they did not have this type of position in the budget and we just left it at that. Lo and behold three days later, I received a phone call from the VP of sales saying “OK Goldberg, let’s give this a try”. I was on cloud nine! I worked with the company for three months and was offered a full-time position which unfortunately I could not take as my daughter went through extensive surgeries for a cavernous hemangioma. For having a young infant it needed my attention for ongoing care and surgical consults. So I had to say goodbye. Shortly after my daughter was back to her healthy physical self my husband at the time said maybe you should make some business cards and offer your event planning services from the professional beauty industry. Who would’ve thought after a month of introducing myself in an area where I knew no one or anything I would end up partnering with a venue who referred about 40 clients my way within a 6 month time frame. Hence my wedding and event company was born. I need to backtrack here as when I was working in Chicago many of my sales people or managers asked me to design their weddings based on the professional events so I gained exposure and experience prior to even getting into the industry on a personal level. I decided there was a niche that was not being fulfilled in such a strong metro market place and that was budget weddings. Those who could not afford or did not know how to afford a proper event. My very first bride sent her photos of the wedding to a magazine which contacted me to discuss how I did such a low budget wedding and the outcome was most favorable. This one article opened up many doors including a phone call from the E!/Style Network asking me if I would be interested in being on their show Whose Wedding is it Anyway? Not only did this reality show become a hit series But during my seventh season I was tapped to do a new show about destination weddings and from the pilot became a five season show which was incredibly awesome to be a part of. This opened up many doors being published thousands of times appearing on major talk shows news channels publications national-worldwide and that was just the beginning of 4 of my own shows, correspondence on the red carpet etc. I am working on 3 new shows as we speak and excited to say one of them is working with weddings again! I have managed to carry fans from E!/Style so I will be excited to finally announce the show in the next month!

Mistah Wilson: You have quite tha resume! Where to begin? First, I'd like to talk about your experiences as a (celebrity) host. You're such a natural .Who or what inspired you to get in this field and what are some of your favorite moments?
Samantha Goldberg: I have had so many amazing experiences. While I have loved being on multiple shows, being a celebrity host is one of my favorite positions. I have always had a knack for getting along with just about anyone. I could attribute it to a very happy go lucky persona but I think it takes a lot more To gain the trust of those you are interviewing. What inspired me to work as a correspondent was watching many news/talk shows in addition to magazt articles and asking myself there are so many better questions to be asked. If you really read what a celebrity might respond back with you’ll find they veer towards their experiences every day instead of their career. While it’s exciting to hear someone’s success story you also want to learn about the person and who they really are it helps you understand how they got where they are. My story is no different as I am sharing the guts of who I am right now. Sometimes people want to learn more about those you are interviewing from the heart instead of just about their career I wanted to learn the meat and potatoes behind the career if you’re savvy. I can’t think of just one person that inspired me I would say in Oprah’s earlier years In addition to late night Johnny Carson mixing it up with jimmy Fallon these three icons added humor, content and a varsity which I feel are extremely important they always seem to make their guests feel comfortable. I would compare those traits to myself and find by using them and allows me to share things with my viewers that other interviewers don’t seem to get their guests to divulge.

Mistah Wilson: Who are some people you've interviewed and who would you like to interview some time in the future? 
Samantha Goldberg: I have a rather interesting list of Celebrities. John Stamos, Kathy Griffin, Trump, Shaun O Brien ( Giants), Michael Jordan, Malinda Williams, DNIce, Haley Vasser ( Phil's Daughter), Stephen Tyler, Vinnie Vella, Tony Ray Rossi, Red Foxx, Rick Fox and many others. I would love to interview Bradley Cooper ( Esp after Star is Born) the back story is amazing- Ellen Degeneres- She's fun animated like me! I would also like to formally interview Trump again- His life has changed much since Presidency- Oprah would be on that list as she took her career all the way- Branded herself etc that is essentially my own personal goal today! I wonder what regrets she has/had with breaking off into her own empire? 

Mistah Wilson: We thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Vinny Vella. Let's talk more about "Getting Sassy with Samantha Goldberg". 
Samantha Goldberg: I LOVED having my own talk show! Learning that after my show with Vinnie Neilson put a box on my show against Chelsey Late Night. That was a huge compliment. Vinnie and I had been on eachother's shows and we had this incredible witty banter and friendship! His recent passing makes me appreciate those who come into your life for a reason which is so remarkably true!
He was much like me anything goes....and laughter is the best medicine! Laughter makes your guests share more- it's much like comfort food...You have to feed your interviews what they love and what they least expect- call it the icebreaker for a great interview! I interviewed all kinds of people whether they were successful in business or experiences that people want you to try first lol....I definitely tested TV and the boundaries of language that's for sure!

Mistah Wilson: Personally, I'm no stranger to interviewing artists. From one host to another, what are some techniques you use to help bring out the most in your guests? 
Samantha Goldberg: Well then you know to make your guests laugh and smile by covering the expected but sharing the unexpected too- Artists get tired of the same questions so to challenge them with what life is like for them outside the lights and cameras- you see their heart and soul and that is how you begin a GREAT interview. I meet my friends this way at times as you learn commonalities and it's comforting to know ones experiences might be similar to those across from you...Maybe in someways you learn later as I have, you helped them get through a really bad time in their life by one interview which made them smile and laugh in ways they haven't in a while! i use laughter and distractions during my interviews it works best with those you don't really know but want to bring out their light side...Distractions meaning activities making them partake in the not so norm activities?

Mistah Wilson: You have much experience in (reality) television. What are some of your favorite projects you've worked on thus far? 
Samantha Goldberg: I loved working on The E!/ Style Network and Whose Wedding Is It Anyway- Married Away- Hitched or Ditched on Warner Bros WE's Platnium Weddings, Kathy Griffins My Life On The D List, Cake Boss,

Mistah Wilson: Ok, this question is for me and I'd like your personal opinion. Who's the bigger icon: Denzel Washington vs. Will Smith? 
Samantha Goldberg:  OOOO- I would have to say Denzel Washington he has played some extremely diverse roles- I think that shows pure raw talent in addition to his down to earth demenour...Will Smith would be a close second- He's comical and can rock the drama too!

Mistah Wilson: From where you stand, what is your perspective on the entertainment & fashion industry? For example, do you notice any unique trends or perhaps what could improve? 
Samantha Goldberg: I feel the entertainment and fashion industry is forever changing. There are times where I wonder what benefit for those who maybe cannot afford a trend...I am happy to experience we are celebrating all shapes and sizes. Many designers are becoming more open to affordable brands and images for all to enjoy. I never thought certain designers would get there, but am happy our generation gets to experiemce this first hand. I think the one area which concerns me is some of the reality shows or soapaseries which shows us an outrageous and not so typical way to live. Most of America can not live in this fashion yet the visability of the shows remain strong. I know I might get squashed for that comment, but it's my own opinion. For what seemed like a long time I felt the silverscreen industry did not have enough realistic or relatable movies, but this is changing and the new talent we are experiencing is incredible and refreshing to watch and also be a part of. I think it's wonderful to show how other people live/work however, we must not forget to remember the median of those whom should be able to experience similar things without having to come with deep pockets! Today we live in the #metoo era this includes lifestyles as well! 

Mistah Wilson: In your opinion, what reigns supreme and why? TV vs. Movies... 
Samantha Goldberg: They both serve a different purpose. I honestly cannot say one "Reigns" the description of Supreme...You can watch a made for TV Movie which deplicts drama-real life stories which capture a role equally. However, it's the same for other genres as well. I suppose the test would be to have the same showing on both screens with the same type of genre? That would be an interesting test...The same movie on 2 screens same plot etc...? Spice it up with different actors maybe? Just sayin....

Mistah Wilson: Your projects aside, what are your top3 sitcoms of all time? (sorry if you weren't ready for that one lol) 
Samantha Goldberg: Ha! That's OK. I would say my #1- Friends....I have a similar grouping of people around me which are quirky personas...I can relate. #2 The Office as I worked in corporate America and again had similar people around me everyday and it makes me laugh- I have it today in my own office world- #3 Will and Grace- i can relate to the crazy lifestyle where anything goes and when it "goes" it is pretty crazy enough to keep the world around me in tears- Good ones....I'm a quirky woman and for some reason that works with my career in all avenues! I honestly think that is what was the beginning of my own TV experiences.

Mistah Wilson: You are also a wedding planner! What inspired this endeavor? 
Samantha Goldberg: That is a GREAT question! I actually fell into this career! I went to college to be a teacher/child psychologist. I suppose in some ways I teach others and give advice right? I planned hundreds of events in the beauty and fashion world. My sales people as I managed for most of that career would ask me to plan their weddings. It was a side thing I didn't read too much into it. I became friendly with a woman in Chgo in the early 2000's- She did corporate planning and we decided to start a side business in weddings. We did not actually work on any weddings together as shortly after we designed some literature, she became pregnant and did not want to partake in much of anything..So it lingered by the wayside I suppose. My move to the east coast is what really showed me I had a talent which I never knew I had...It again fell into my lap in the fashion/beauty world and resurfaced again after my move...Television that was the biggest surprise of all...Being named a
Celebrity Wedding Planner on TV- ??? I am still in disbelief! But, as they say if the shoe fits? I decided not to fight it and it's natuarly opened doors which still surprise me. The most interesting part- When I moved, I don't think she has any idea what I did with the company that never took off??? I would love to find her and show her someday what became of the business and of me...

Mistah Wilson: Where do you draw inspiration from when creating new designs and developing themes and concepts? 
Samantha Goldberg: This should be an interesting answer as many have asked. I consider myself to be an innate designer. I am not inspired by ideas I deliver fantasies. When I meet with a client I want to learn more about how they see themselves and where on this enchanting day! Sometimes a client cannot articulate their ideas of what they like verses not like...I tend to use the reverse psychology method showing them photos and ideas of events of all types to help them factor in what they like- It's quite funny how the pile of "Dislikes" moves to the "Like"- You never know what the possibilities are and how easy it is to sway the mind into something spectacular! Especially with designs! The best part- I am a TERRIBLE artist so many of my preliminary designs look like stick figures however, compare this to the actual design the day of...It actually looks similar! Leaves our clients speechless- which is how I hope to have it on the day of in a good way of course!

Mistah Wilson: What do you plan to accomplish in entertainment and arts? 
Samantha Goldberg: I have accomplished so much in my career and none of this was planned. As I dive into the future, I have learned I enjoy branding for others such as Hilton Brand of Hotels, Party City and Bloomingdales to name a few... but it's time for me to become a brand in the physical sense. Meaning, I would like to expand into design for the home, body, fashion and more from my ideas on the shows I have partaken in, in addition I would like to revisit the silver screen once again- I took many years of acting lessons- classes I have dealt with major drama enough to expand this onto the silverscreen or TV sitcom perhaps? I have been a household name for trends in design and some attire I am ready for something more challenging to add to my empire in 2019.

Mistah Wilson: Who are some influential people in your life that has helped you become the person you are today? 
Samantha Goldberg: There are so many people that have made me the woman I am today. I think the carefree and non-judgmental side would be my Grandfather Max. He always reminded me I "Can" do whatever I choose in life I just have to grab my dreams and let no other force outside of me get in the way. My friends in Chicago that have remained supportive and treat me the same whether I am on T.V. or anything public I know they will always be there for me- Support is so important and it has made me the most supportive to anyone needing an ear or assistance with a dream. My current managers which call me daily just to see if I am OK. It's like having the best family around me everyday. I have met so many amazing people that have guided me in the right direction diverting me from drama and hate showing me love and life are so much bigger and that tomorrrow is always a new day...The people whom I am so lucky to have in my life remind me daily by their caring gestures and words to be the best I can be. Vinnie Vella Sr. whom recently passed used to tell me often " Who Is Better Than You"...That mentality has always stuck with me. He was a wonderful influence in my life and fits in with the ongoing support of the people I have mentioned. I am not lucky to have this opportunity to shine, I am lucky to have such amazing people that allow me the chance to do so.

Mistah Wilson: What have been some challenges you've faced on your journey? 
Samantha Goldberg: Some of the challenges of being on Reality T.V. are most things are not scripted so whatever happens is raw for the camera. You might have a bad day and that can rub people the wrong way on chat boards. You want people to accept you, to understand why you may behave a certain way but, you cannot control the audience. That can sometimes hurt the gut esp mine! My divorce which was not so eventful having to comment on how I felt about this as I am in the world of weddings wasn't fun. I used the experience to share I do believe in love and lasting love, but nothing is ever iron clad and guaranteed as relationships are hard and need to be worked on daily. I think the hardest of times was falling ill on international TV and everyone seeing what transpired. I was able to
explain to the public what happened and why I was unable to complete a show but it wasn't fun. I learned I had much more support from the public then i thought. Sometimes the challenges we are tossed make us stronger. I am here today to show this is 100% true and for a reason. I am enjoying the positive things that have surmounted from the experiences that were not as favorable.

Mistah Wilson: What are some more of the rewarding things? 
Samantha Goldberg: The rewarding things in my lifetime are not the career believe it or not. It's showing the world how to love and respect each other. I am a spiritual person whom is generally happy each day. The most rewarding thing I have in my life is my beautiful, smart daughter Sydney. I am so proud of the girl she has become and never ceases to amaze me. I know I have done a good job as a mother as she is her own person independent and I could not ask for anything more. I never thought I could love another as much as i love her. She makes me want to be a better person. I have been tested in life with many challenges I try to look at these times as learning experiences so that the positive outcomes are able to slide into my life when ready. I truly enjoy helping others with no benefit to myself especially in my industry. I know it's appreciated. The best part is watching them shine and receiving a press release with their name on it and they didn't forget where they learned their craft...That's the sign I seek which assures me I did something selfless and in return I am proud to know I am capable of helping others as much as myself. 

Mistah Wilson: How important is community outreach to you and in what ways have you given back? 
Samantha Goldberg: I think giving back is VERY important. It can be training which I have done for years for the aspiring. When you give back to the universe the rewards are sometimes far greater. I started my own non-profit in 2005 called Dream Team. We serviced over 250 weddings (27 states) for those whom have gone through hardship such as wanting to marry the one they love which may have been given a short life span on a partner, or parent whom may not make it to ones special day. We have worked with vendors all over the US that have given complimentary weddings on short notice. Mr. Trump has been generous to be part of this as well. One thing I can say about Donald his staff and service ablity are like a well oiled ship. He graced a few of my clients in need with a classic and beautiful affair. I have worked on events with United Way Night of Miracles to raise funds for children and education it was rewarding to not only be involved as a face but to make our goals was the most rewarding. It was an honor to work with them. In addition I have worked with St Hubert's during Hurricane Katrina was able to raise enough funds not only for more vehicles but extra funds to expand their facility to house more dogs in need of good homes. I love working with charitable organizations which support education, children and animals there is no better feeling than reaching goals to assist others. I don't think I would change that goal for a long time!

Samantha G Goldberg
Award Winning Celebrity Event Designer/Television Personality on the E/Style Network's Hit Series "Whose Wedding and Married Away (10 seasons) (Pilot and 5 seasons) 2003-2014-2015-2016
Noted as one of the "Top Ten" Wedding Designers in the U.S.A.
Awarded Biz Bash Best Event Designer East Coast- Best Reality Wedding Planner Midwest 2013-16
Celebrity Show Host of "Get Sassy w/ Samantha on WMCN M-F 10:-10:30pm "Nielson Rated" ( 2004-2006)
Season 3 Live Audience at the Aria Theatre in Midtown! June 2019! Check with Ticket Leap!
Spokesperson and Celebrations Expert Party City (2009-?)
Spokesperson Hilton Family Brand of Hotels/weddings Author of "Guestiquette" (2010-Present)
Founder and President Dream Team nonprofit since 2005 Fed-Exempt donating over 250 weddings in 14 states to those with various hardships in the United States

President of Alliance of Event Professionals
IMBD Actress- Member AFRA/ SAG
Sales Trainer/Event Planning Certification "Lifetime Credit Hours- Partnering w/community & state colleges in the tri-state



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