Meet Modern Figurative Painter "Jacoby Hinton" from Charleston, SC

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Award winning Artist/Educator, Jacoby Hinton, graduated from College of Charleston with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Studio Art. Growing up Jacoby discovered his romantic fascination with the diverse strengths and capabilities of the human body at an early age. Trained as a swimmer, a martial artist, and a soldier, Hinton has first-hand experience with the grueling training one endures while striving to exceed their limits, as well as the glory of soaring past that which had once been thought impossible.

Hinton’s crucible of experience has forged an immense amount of discipline that is as present in the dozens of draft sketches that precede a single drop of paint, as they are in each surgical swipe of his palette knife. Each piece is a homage to those who devote themselves to a craft. His use of bold colors and textured palette knife strokes create a sense of expressiveness and movement in each piece.

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