Watch "Streets Ain't Loyal" music video by #1 Gunna feat. Nutso & Innocent?

#1Gunna is making his mark in the underground Hip Hop scene with his 2nd, 2018 video release, "Streets Ain't Loyal", produced by DJ Daze. This time he has enlisted one of Queen's illest emcees, NLJU representative, Nutso, as well as one of Brooklyn's best kept lyricists straight from Them Recordings, Innocent?. The Bronx native #1Gunna is here to let the world know what he represents and makes it clear that he is here to stay. Special thanks and salute to Sage English on a phenomenal visual. This is that uncut, raw Hip Hop at it's best. Stay tuned for more from #1GUNNA! Real Hip Hop is Alive!

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