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Listen to "If I Could Fly" by DJ New York City Ken {produced by DEMO and Teddy Bladde} (((AUDIO)))

SoulShowMedia is a partnership between DEMO – singer, song writer, producer, and performer, and Teddy Harmon – a multi-platinum music producer, composer, keyboardist, and programmer. SoulShowMedia showcases DEMO’s signature sound….B-Boy Soul….a fusion of Soul, Alternative R&B, Hip Hop, Funk, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, and Gospel.

“This album is very special to us, and represents a labor of love on the part of two artists, whose friendship spans over two decades. We believe our music is the universal language that speaks to the soul and unifies the ages…….from the 20 something’s to the 60 something’s. We feel that B-Boy Soul is the voice of the next generation of music.”



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