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EVENT: 10/13/18 Far Out: Movement through Form and Color

Artwork by Haeley Kyong. Part of the exhibition "Far Out: Movement through Form and Color," featuring artworks by six contemporary artists.

Saturday, October 13
10:00 am - 11:00am
Meet at the aquarium in Union Station's East Portal
Featuring special guest artists Hadley Holliday, Nikko Mueller and Eamon Ore-Giron. 

Join us for a guided artist-led tour of our brand-new exhibition Far Out: Movement through Form and Color featuring abstract artworks by six artists interpreting themes of energy, transition and movement. The work will be on view through January 2019 in the passageway that accesses the rail platforms between Union Station East and West.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Lee Clarke, Hadley Holliday, Haeley Kyong, Nikko Mueller, Eamon Ore-Giron and Soonae Tark. Bursting with light and color, the artworks reflect and embody the energy of perpetual motion and change at Union Station fueled by fleet-footed commuters and visitors.

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