Why You Should Automate Emails to Your Music Fans

By Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Email Automation: The Basic Stuff Musicians Need To Know

Email automation sounds like some futuristic, robotic way of accessing email in your car or something. But it’s a phrase that has been used in e-commerce, retail, and marketing spaces for over a decade. And there’s a reason for that.

Unfortunately, the music industry is taking a while to catch on. Enter me. Once I learned about email automation, I found that my relationship to my fans totally changed. I also found that my stress around writing my monthly “newsletter” was lifted.
I decided to seriously dig into this concept and went to marketing conferences, got certified as an “Email Marketing Specialist” through Digital Marketer, and have now compiled everything I’ve learned for you. I’m dripping it out through blog posts, web trainings, workbooks, and, my very complete course for those who are truly ready and serious to optimize their email lists 100% in the most effective way.

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