Hip Hop: Bridging the Gap between the West Coast & Pacific Northwest

Song: "Regardless"
Release: 8/20/17
Artists: Bing Bing featuring Suntonio Bandanaz
Album: Beautiful Struggle 2.0 OPEN WOUNDS (FALL/WINTER 2018)

When one thinks of West Coast Hip Hop, let's be honest, okay, cities like Portland and Seattle don't really come to mind. The Bay Area is so much in a lane of their own that folks don't really think of San Francisco or Oakland when referring to West Coast Hip Hop...or even Gangsta Rap for that matter. And if you're a Born & Raised Angeleno, even people from surrounding counties like San Bernardino and Riverside are seen as excluded from the origins of West Coast rap.

Now, with all due respect to the Pacific Northwest, they've had their own scene for decades! But, who considers the Pacific Northwest apart of urban "West Coast" culture? Sir-Mix-A-Lot wasn't Eazy E. So, while the World turned their ears to Los Angeles, Compton, and Long Beach over the past 20-30 years, cities like Seattle & Portland developed their own local music scenes and today boasts some of the richest local music heritage in the country.

With 2019 approaching, we have a new breed of Hip Hop artists that are not only looking to make good music, but nurture a sense of community across local music scenes all over. Pasadena, CA rapper Bing Bing is a standalone artist who's taken personal interest and initiative in helping unite the local music scene in his town. After spending years networking, participating in community outreach, and interviewing hundreds of artists, Bing Bing branched out to Seattle, WA to connect dots and build relationships.

Through his network, Bing Bing was introduced to Legendary Seattle Hip Hop artist Suntonio Bandanaz through Los Angeles/Pasadena based rapper Mr. McStrange. Since meeting, Bing Bing invited Suntonio Bandanaz to feature on his latest single in an effort to begin uniting the West Coast with the Pacific Northwest.

The song is about showcasing the anger, frustrations, and failure one endures when striving to become a better individual. Bing Bing lets the passion flow as he spits lyrics that have weighed his heart. Suntonio Bandanaz follows up on the 2nd verse with a lyrical tale about striving to make change.

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