Meet Hip Hop & Graphic Artist "Buddhakai" from Denver, Colorado

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Here's Buddhakai in a nutshell! Started making music in 1996 and put together an amazingly talented group called, Allied Forces, AF Entertainment. With money raised from selling cocaine, weed, and ecstasy, I built an awesome recording studio in my mom's basement. This became everybody's GO-TO spot. By the year 2000, we independently launched an album called, Trinity, tha second coming, which gave us a ton of street red and heavy local celeb status. 

Unfortunately, the drug dealing and the music business opened the doors to the dark side for me. I became a cocaine / meth addict and ended up using my music as a draw for fans and artists to fund my addiction instead of focusing on all of the amazing opportunities that came my way. 

We had amazing people like Steven Oaklander, from Priority Records, who invested a lot into me and my music... Karim, who worked alongside Russel Simmons at DefJam, who used to send me a ton of Phat Farm gear for shows and promos (that I ended up selling for drug money), Darla Blanchard and Donna Wright, with Johnny Wright of Wright Entertainment Group who introduced me to Justin Timberlake and Pink, and the infamous D&D Studios that housed the likes of KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Premier, Guru, that put me on their Project II album. 

However, I screwed all of it up. As much as I loved music, I was an addict and I burned everything and everyone around me. However, in the midst of all the ashes... I was able to put into music everything I was going through, from the struggles of my addiction to me finally making it out. 

I've been sober for 11 years, 3 months, and 20 days now... and have spent the past year making a powerful COMEBACK to music. I released all of the songs I wrote during my messed up years in four compilations, as well as my Clock Strikes Thirteen album full of twisted stories with tragic turns and surprising outcomes. think Eminem's "Stan," but a whole album full! Music Video below 

1. From the Beginning 1996-2002 
2. my iLoJeKaL years... 
3. Cold as Ice 
4. the Phoenix Rises Notable Projects: #StopDrinkingProject 

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - this is one you've gotta watch from beginning to end... the ending will give you chills! GRIND MODE Cypher with Masta Ace

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