Bing Bing explains how Foster Care & Heart Break has Affected him as an Artist

November 10th, 2017 is a big day for Pasadena, CA rapper Bing Bing and his alter ego, Mistah Wilson. Tha Bingster has officially informed tha block that his next musical project will be called Beautiful Struggle 2: Open Wounds and tha 2nd single is due out on Thanksgiving Day 2017. Marking the 3rd time that Bing Bing has changed the title of his forthcoming compilation, he's decided to make "Beautiful Struggle" a mixtape series as he did with Tha West Kept Secret from 2007-2011.
Bing Bing with Friends of Foster Children after wrapping
Christmas Gifts for Group Home Kids

"The songs I'm writing still have that pain in them that coincides with what I call tha Beautiful Struggle. It makes sense to continue with this theme," explains Bing Bing.

With all that being said, November 10th is a huge day for Bing Bing and ThaWilsonBlock. Tha Pasadena native will be making his debut performance at Legacy Fridays going down at the Historical Landmark Washington Hall on 14th & Fir St. We don't know if Bing Bing is going to hit em with some new songs or take em back with tracks off of Music & Me mixtape or Tha Hater's Favorite EP. What we do know is that Mistah Wilson is dropping ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue57 on tha same day...and it's being released for FREE DOWNLOAD again!

In 2016, Bing Bing released Beautiful Struggle mixtape subtitled "Welcome to tha Beautiful Struggle". It was a mixtape about tha obstacles he faces on his mission to make a difference. Bing Bing claims that it was an incomplete mixtape...he just didn't want to push it back any further. Well, we're moving fast into 2018 and Bing Bing still believes that Music is precursor to tha best that's yet to come. He is titling his upcoming project Beautiful Struggle 2: Open Wounds. Inspiration from tha "Open Wounds" subtitle stems from growing up in foster care and not knowing tha truth (or tha whole truth...if you will) about who his dad is or tha circumstances that explains why he had to grow up tha way he did.

"Growing up in foster care for majority of my life, I have slowly learned as an adult that there were and still are a lot of what feels like "secrets" being kept from me about my own life. Meaning there are people out there that know more about tha particulars of my childhood than I do," Bing Bing shares with us. "Considering all that in addition to recent relationships ending in heartbreak, I carry a lot of 'open wounds'. A lot of things have happened to me that I just never got any closure for. After awhile, those pains build and I am tested. And so, I've come to tha conclusion that music is how I'll be able to tell my truths. Music will allow me to share my testimony in hopes of reaching someone and sparking that inspiration in them. Music is tha tool that will enable me to turn these negative situations into positive outcomes."

You can catch Bing Bing PERFORMING LIVE in Seattle, WA on November, 10th, 2017!!!

Who: Bing Bing
What: PERFORMING LIVE (DEBUT PERFORMANCE) at Legacy Fridays Showcase
When: Friday November 10th, 2017 from 6:00p - 12:00a
Where: Washington Hall (14th Ave. & Fir St. Seattle, WA)

Beautiful Struggle 2: Open Wounds
First Single: "Regardless" ft. Suntonio Bandanaz
Second Single: TBR 11/23/17 (Thanksgiving Day)

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