"Durty World" by Durty Flow (Album Review)

Savannah, Georgia rapper Durty Flow is not your typical Hip Hop artist. His latest album Durty World is already making noise on the internet with tracks like “Okay Nah” and “On Me”. The Pioneer Records artist is not only putting on for Savannah, Georgia, but he is representing for the Durty South on a whole new level. The 12-cut LP comes with very few features like Nae B, who appeared on “Cali Swag” and Norman Vincent who featured on “Us  17”, the last track on the album. Durty Flow is definitely worth checking out! And here is why…

The first track on the compilation “The Jonzes” delivers that raw Georgia-style southern Hip Hop flow that we all love. “You Don’t WannaKnow” is that track you’d probably hear on your local radio station. It has a good radio-ready sound that is perfect for the mainstream. His song “Bring the Cops Out” is one of those bangers that puts your car stereo system to the test. One of those songs you bump loud with the windows up as you cruise through the neighborhood. His song “5 More Bottles” is a perfect blend of epic Hip Hop with a touch Durty South.

“In The Zone” is a song about being in the zone. It’s that song on the album where he talks about living that Georgia culture lifestyle. His title song “Durty World” comes in at number 8 with a real Hip Hop feel to it. It’s a Durty World, so get use to it. Track 9 “Trippin’” is a catchy song that qualifies as a single and is our favorite cut on the album. The production on “Trippin” is top notch and the hook will have you repeating it before you even know
it. “In The Streets” was one of the first songs we heard from Durty Flow. In the song, Durty Flow talks about what he sees and experiences in the streets of Georgia. It has a cool mix of instrumentation that makes it more than an album-filler.

Now, when we heard “Cali Swag”, we were bobbin our heads cruising down the street. It’s one of those tracks that definitely passes for mainstream. With this song, Durty talks about how he’s cool wherever he goes and that he is putting his city on the map.  The last track on the album “Us 17” intrigued us. The production on this track alongside the powerful lyrics displayed by Durty Flow give this song a great rating!

Durty Flow’s musical influences include the likes of Isley Brothers, James Brown, Gladys Knight, Tupac, & Biggie. As a southern rapper, you can hear the resemblance in his music. Durty World is just the beginning for Durty Flow. We are looking forward to seeing more from this artist as he continues working on his craft and developing connections to satisfy the demand of his music. Durty Flow is the artist that a lot of rappers want to be. This album has a high replay value and will go on to be one of Savannah, Georgia’s top artists from the local music scene.

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