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Mistah Wilson: The First To Bring Street Sign Photography To Market

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Now, I'm almost sure there are photographers out there who will see this headline and disagree. And so, I think it's only right to preface this article by defining the street sign photography niche. When Mistah Wilson says he's the only conceptual street sign photographer you know, the keyword here is 'conceptual'. Conceptual, in these terms, refers to the niche being solely about one thing. You may very well have tons of photographers out there, street art and otherwise, who have taken illustrious shots of street signs, no doubt. It's not like this is some new phenomenon. But, Mistah Wilson is basically saying that he identifies only as a conceptual street sign photographer meaning he doesn't conduct or practice or specialize in any other form of photography or street photography for that matter.

Not only is he probably the only conceptual street sign photographer you know, Mistah Wilson is the only street sign photographer anywhere in the world who has brought an authentic collection of street sign photographs to market! The Street Sign Store boasts a growing collection of 1000+ different streets with Mistah Wilson's signature filter that are also rendered in 2-tone colors. Each street in the store is available on well over 60+ different products from apparel and merch to home goods and office stationery.

The inspiration behind Mistah Wilson's authentic conceptual street sign photography collection stems from his community outreach efforts as written in his first formal book “On A Mission To Make A Difference: My Million Foot Commitment For Causes & Charity” self-published in 2015. The book talks about Mistah Wilson's "million foot commitment" for causes & charity and includes 1,000+ word chapters for each walk he organized and completed. Majority of these walks were extreme-distance, ranging from 5 kilometers all the way up to 50 miles. For example, on January 31st, 2015, Mistah Wilson led a group of local artists on a 42mile walk for Love, Peace, & Unity in honor of the late great Jackie Robinson. The walk was historic in the sense that it took place on what would've been Jackie's 96th birthday. The walk was also in support of what Mistah Wilson coined the "Robinson Boulevard Initiative", an initiative to change Washington Boulevard in Pasadena, CA as we know it to the nation's first ever (Jackie or Mack) Robinson Boulevard. The initiative has been shelved for now, failing to recruit the necessary support. But, Mistah Wilson is still adamant today about the idea.

To create a lane just for his authentic street sign collections, Mistah Wilson launched The Street Sign Store. Now available exclusively on Redbubble and TeePublic, you can get your favorite streets on apparel, merch, and other cool stuff! Mistah Wilson has a demanding collection across 5 Western states and is actively taking requests for people's desired streets. Check out the facebook post below with quick links to streets you might already be familiar with:



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