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Meet Power Pop Band "Bobcat" from Seaford, New York

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Bobcat is a one-man band from Long Island NY playing a blend of power pop, garage rock and rockabilly. He was a founding member of psychobilly legends The Arkhams and now performs live as a one man band with drums at foot, percussion at heel, baritone guitar in hands, and a voice you’ll remember.

2022 was a creative season for Bobcat that saw the release of not one but two full-length albums. While more is already on the way, he recognized that new songs were no good unless shared; so, the Cat is embarking on an adventurous 18 month tour scheduled to begin in March 2023 and go into the next year.

This new release is an album with 15 original songs on it plus bonus tracks of cover songs from all different genres of music. Like the two preceding albums, there is a common theme in the songwriting about events in everyday life, feelings we may have and can relate to, sing along-able anthems and heartfelt ballads of the trials and tribulations of life in the modern era.

Bobcat is a seasoned veteran of the rockabilly, psychobilly and punk rock scenes in NYC for over 2 decades. Played in many bands and toured relentlessly for most of that time. After a brief hiatus to start a business, is back in action and ready to stand tall and deliver! Always a fan of melodic yet driving music from years gone by, there is a certain sense of nostalgia in the music he creates. With a clear nod to the likes of Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Big Star, Buddy Holly and early Motown and Stax records, Bobcat creates something fresh with this blend of music unlike anything else going on today.



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