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Massive Waves Flood California Coastal Towns


The Southern California coastline is currently under threat as the National Weather Service warns the public about record high swells and tremendous wave energy. Orange County and Ventura County have been particularly affected, with flooding streets and businesses becoming common. 

The impact of the massive waves was evident at Pierpont Beach in Ventura, where dozers and work crews are constructing a protective 6 to 8-foot high sand berm along the shore. This preventative measure aims to safeguard the beach and nearby buildings from potential damage caused by future rogue waves. Unfortunately, one such wave crashed onto the shore, resulting in several injuries and sending multiple people to the hospital. Witnesses reported broken bones and critical conditions among the victims.

The video captured the terrifying moment beachgoers were slammed into by a massive rogue wave in Ventura on Thursday. The incident happened as locals were being warned about a massive swell pounding the Southern California coastline this week.

The rogue wave submerged bystanders at Pierpont Beach on Seaward Avenue around 11 a.m.  As the waters suddenly flooded an observation area, both people and vehicles were instantly swept away. The raging waters destroyed the windows of nearby beachfront buildings and hotels on its destructive path. Beachgoers were seen frantically running for their lives.

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