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Should Deion Sanders Be Embarrassed By The Colorado Buffs Season?

We had practically a full year worth of hype when Deion took his coaching talents to Colorado. Expectations were high and the anticipation for the season drove many a celebrities out to the games. Colorado received fan fare they absolutely would have never gotten if it weren't for someone like Sanders coming thru. The first few games had the world on the edge of it's seat. Then came loss after loss after loss. For those of us watching at home, those of us who were pulling for the Buffs, we were left scratching our heads. All these losses make me wonder. What went wrong?

Perhaps it's the players. Now, I'm not reporting on pop warner or high school here so I'm not going to hold back against these adult college players. It is my opinion that the Colorado Buffs team flat out embarrassed Deion Sanders on the field. Couldn't even give him the homecoming win. Buffs lose then you take a look at all the players on the sideline and begin to wonder what's not connecting? Do the players respect each other? Is there locker room issues going on? How is the line failing to protect Shadeur? Or is it simply because the players are just not big enough? 

What is it about a college football program that assures wins? Look at the University of Washington. They are 12-0. There must be magic when it comes to recruiting because at the end of the day, it's the players who perform. Was the transfer portal not enough for Deion to secure the right players? Perhaps the players who transferred out of Colorado made the difference? I don't know. All I know is that there were too many games this season that the Colorado Buffs should have won. Not saying they have to win every single game. And no doubt this season was an upgrade from last season. But, just a couple wins in a season is not going to do it. You gotta decide, before the game even starts, that winning is a decision you make. And from where I've been sitting, the Buffs never made that decision.

Now, in all fairness, I was inspired by the Buffs this season. The hype that Deion brought to Colorado, I felt it was good for the country as a whole. I love to see smaller market teams have a chance of winning it all. That's why I'm digging the Milwaukee Bucks. Because they went out and got Giannis and built a team around him and won a championship. Unlike the loser Lakers who is blinded by vanity and out to steal whatever talent they can get their hands on instead of breeding a young star like they did with Kobe Bryant.

At any rate, I think Colorado Buffs embarrassed Deion Sanders this season. I mean, we're talking about a coach who is a champion amongst champions. Hall of famer. And ya'll couldn't win it for him? Ya'll had Deion go up in front of them cameras after every game and explain what went wrong with the players? I feel like the players were taken too much by the hype and realized that they weren't as prepared as they would have liked to be. The team became stars. They just didn't win. One thing I will say about Deion, though is that he's not always easy to talk to. That confidence he claims he wears tends to make people apprehensive to talk to him or ask him questions because he always comes with a smart ass witty response. Furthermore, the sunglass thing was wack. Stop hiding your eyes, bro you know people want to see you. What are you hiding from?

The Colorado Buffs thought they were celebrities and forgot they were athletes. Deion, too. And it shows in the Buffs season record. One thing the Buffs should consider next season is not naming their female mascot Ralphie, a male name. Name her something like idk, Connie lol. I loved the Buffs uniforms, but their performances was absolutely unsatisfactory. I surely expected a whole lot more than what I saw from them this season. Was it all a ploy to get eyes on his kids so they can go pro? What went wrong this season? I really wanted to see the University of Colorado win games. Now, that they'll be exiting the Pac-12, I'm not sure if I have anything left in the tank for this team. And I don't think it's going to get easier for them next year.



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