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Psychologist Mary Trump predicts Ivanka is going to throw her father 'under the bus'

Mod: Donald is going to make a very significant speed bump. Even for a bus. 

Psychologist Mary Trump predicts Ivanka is going to throw her father 'under the bus' (Raw Story link): She has her own teflon. The truth. The former president's daughter is expected to take the stand in the Lower Manhattan courtroom as early as next week, and her dad's niece, Mary Trump, is certain that when she does, she won't hold back or try to shield her political force of a father. 

"She's just going to tell the truth and throw him under the bus," Mary Trump said during a podcast episode of "The Good In Us."

Vanity Fair's Molly Jong-Fast joined her on the Substack platform and agreed.

She explained how not only would Ivanka go down Truth Street because it's the just move, but because she's independently wealthy, and thanks to a ruling by an appeals court citing statute of limitations — she's off the liability hook in the $250 million civil suit.

"Don Jr. does whatever he can to protect his dad and make his dad love him," said Jong-Fast. "And Eric, same. But Ivanka, her husband manages $2 billion of Saudi money."

Whatever Ivanka says in her testimony could have a major implications on the fortunes of Donald Trump and his two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, as well as executives working for the company which could be dissolved and their licenses to do business in the state revoked.

Prosecutors from the New York Attorney General Letitia James' office have been engaged in bringing the $250 million civil fraud case to fruition accusing the Trump Organization, and specifically Trump himself, his sons Don Jr. and Eric as well as the former CFO Allen Weisselberg of inflating the values of their assets to gain loans and deals. 
Mary Trump concurred that Ivanka is "legitimately wealthy, unlike the rest." Jong-Fast rattled off how having deep pockets grants Ivanka the independence that he brothers lack. So she can feel free to sing without any concern financial strings attached by crossing the former president.

"She's legitimately wealthy through her husband's business, which is built on her father's connections," said Jong-Fast. "But still, she doesn’t have to sell hats to buy her jewelry. She has money."

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