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Fox News host's '$90 Turkey' claim mocked as prices plunge in 'Thanksgiving miracle'

Mod: Chaffetz might have been talking about the high priced butterball to the left.

Fox News host's '$90 Turkey' claim mocked as prices plunge in 'Thanksgiving miracle' (AlterNet link): A Fox News host’s claim he spent $90 on a Thanksgiving turkey is getting tremendous pushback and mockery as economists note the price of turkeys, gas, airplane travel, and even complete Thanksgiving Day dinners have all dropped in what one jovially declared a “Thanksgiving miracle.” 

“We went to go buy a turkey today — it was $90 for a turkey,” former Republican U.S. Congressman turned Fox News host Jason Chaffetz said Monday (video below).”The price of stamps is up 32% in the last four years. But it’s all a choice by Joe Biden. That is what Bidenomics is.” 

Chaffetz was roundly mocked, with many posting ads from their local grocers showing the price of turkeys this Thanksgiving, which CNBC and others report is actually lower than last year. “On average, Americans can expect to pay $35.40 for a 15-pound turkey this year — an average of $2.36 per pound,” FinanceBuzz reports. “At more than $50 per bird ($52.85), Hawaii has the highest average turkey prices of all the states. 

In the contiguous U.S., Minnesota and California tie for the highest average price at $41.85.” 

“Almost everything on the Thanksgiving menu is lower – prices for cranberries have dropped 18%,” CNBC reports. “But the main reason for the decrease is due to the star of the show — the turkey. This year, a 16-pound turkey is averaging $27.35, down 5.6% from a year ago.” Inflation dropped from 9.1% annually in June of last year to 3.2% annually last month — inflation in the month of October was zero. 


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