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Donald Trump’s Fake Autoworkers Speech Con Has Completely Collapsed

Mod: Joe Biden called Trump's bluff. Now all Donny can do is whine. 

Donald Trump’s Fake Autoworkers Speech Con Has Completely Collapsed (PoliticusUSA link): It turns out that Donald Trump isn’t going to Detroit. He isn’t speaking to autoworkers, and he isn’t meeting with union members. His Detroit autoworkers speech is a complete fake.

The Detroit News reported:

Amid the United Auto Workers strike against the Detroit Three automakers, former President Donald Trump will visit Clinton Township on Wednesday, according to his campaign.

Trump, who’s the leading Republican presidential candidate for the 2024 election, will deliver remarks at Drake Enterprises, an automotive supplier, at 8 p.m. on Sept. 27. He’s expected to speak to current and former union members. Doors will open at 4 p.m., according to Trump’s campaign. 

Trump and his campaign said that they were coming to Detroit to speak to autoworkers about the strike. The campaign immediately hedged on that by saying that non-union workers and former union members would be present.
The president of the United Auto Workers told Trump that he was not wanted on their picket line, but the odds of Trump ever showing up in Detroit itself instead of a red suburb were zero.

It turns out Donald Trump’s autoworkers speech was a con. In contrast, President Biden will be walking the picket line with UAW members on Tuesday.

One of the two likely 2024 presidential nominees tried to fake his way into free media coverage, while Joe Biden is authentically standing with union workers.

Joe Biden has the backs of the same American workers that Trump is attempting to exploit and sabotage for political gain. Everything that Donald Trump touches is a lie wrapped in fraud.

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