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The Real Story About the Movie "Belly"


As far as the movie Belly, it’s worth a watch and is a cult classic. If you are into movies along the lines of paid in full, blue hill avenue, menace to society, or boys in the hood, go watch it. 

The real story is a lot different and involves a murder and what may seem like shaky testimonies. The movie states that the guys were getting money out in Nebraska, but in real life, it was undisputed, that Al Monday, Shakim bio and 2 others, were trafficking drugs from Jamaica-Queens to Lorain Ohio.

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This was during the summer of 1991. but in On August 8th of that year, the slain body of Marsha Blakely was found in an alley behind the Westgate Plaza in Lorain, Ohio. She had been cut and bruised, her throat had been slashed, and she had been run over by a car. Blakely’s friend, Floyd Epps, was killed around the same time, and his body was found less than a quarter mile from Blakely’s. 

The Lorain Police Department believed the deaths were connected. The police investigation stalled until a reward was offered. At that time, a man named William Avery came forward and made a statement to police that implicated al monday, and three others, Benson Davis, Lenworth Edwards, and shakim bio. Subsequently, they were indicted for murder. Blakely, was addicted to crack-cocaine and allegations are, that Al monday and the Queens-based drug traffickers killed Blakely over money she owed them for drugs.




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