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Songs You Should Hear: Discovering Faith, Peace, and Power

Hold it right there!

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Anyway, onto this week’s Songs You Should Hear…

Artist: Clare Cunningham
Genre: Celtic Folk/Rock
Why You Should Hear It: This 2021 single — from our most recent Quinn Spinn guest — is an emotionally gripping Celtic waltz with powerful, emotive vocals and a lush, cinematic soundscape.

As for the new video, directed and produced by Drac Gibson? It’s a stunning piece of visual storytelling that represents Cunningham’s journey toward faith. We follow the Irish-born musician through a dark forest, before eventually coming to a clearing that shifts her perspective and adds color and vibrance into her world.

Artist: Joanna Borne
Song: No Drama
Genre: Pop
Why You Should Hear It: The rhythmically hypnotic soundscape of “No Drama” is layered with hip hop and Middle Eastern influences, making this a must-include track on a variety of party playlists. Broadening its appeal is a major-league pop hook from Borne, who has a knack for delivering a memorable melody.

Artist: Kate Odulukwe
Song: Live and Let Me Live
Genre: Afropop
Why You Should Hear It: Because you’re focused on your life and your hustle — and you want a feel-good soundtrack for the occasion! The Nigerian-American songwriter and actress wrote and co-produced “Live and Let Me Live” across oceans with a Nigerian producer via Zoom, blending pop, R&B, and Afrobeat into a scintillating new single about maintaining one’s power.

What do you think we should hear? You’re always welcome to let us know! And, if you’re an artist (or represent an artist), you can fill out one of these forms to put your music on our radar!



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