The Morning Rant w/ Mistah Wilson (1.14.23): Over-Conceptualized Art, Religion, Christianity, & more...

Artists be having music videos all extra'd out, over-exaggerated and most importantly over-conceptualized. They be tryna make their art seem like it has depth but tha Truth of tha matter is that all paganism is shallow in nature because we already have one true and living God.

But, it's not entirely tha artists fault. Take a so-called artist like lil x. Do you really think he truly understood all that demonic imagery his record label put in his video? Of course not! They did that because they are proactively trying to influence BLACK PEOPLE to embrace tha devil! And they are targeting black people because slavery is evidence that we are tha true Jews.

Witchcraft is abhorrent. But, we practice it every time we smoke weed. And perhaps this is tha reason we reject God. Because we don't want to sacrifice tha things we hold dear that we are inevitably going to lose anyway.

Soon enough, there will be no more hiding how you truly feel. There will be no more withholding of honest opinions. A time is coming where every single human soul will have to choose. This is how we know tha God of tha Bible is tha one true and living God. Because tha choice is between him or tha world. Choosing absolutely any god from any other religion is an automatic siding with tha world. Tha One True God doesn't not exist just because you told yourself a lie. Just because you didn't subscribe to Christ doesn't mean he isn't God. Just because someone lied to you about Christianity and you never gave it an honest chance for yourself doesn't mean it's invalid or void. You sold yourself short. And it's true because even when people deceived you, you still had opportunity to learn for yourself...and make a choice. But, instead of scratching tha surface yourself, you settled for tha lies...for whatever reason it doesn't matter. 

The thing with religion is this. Every other religion but Christianity believes that we should all be able to come together and love thru our different beliefs. But tha fact of tha matter is that SOMEONE IS WRONG HERE. You see, people have tha impression that one's religion has its own recreative function. It has deceived people into believing it's their right to believe in fairy tales when in fact they are literally deceiving themselves. 

I am tha miracle that proves God is real. All this potential I have and everyone I meet is non-receptive to my God-like energy. They're terrified of it! So, what happens? I get ignored and pushed to tha side. Steamrolled. Overlooked. Passed up. And tha only reason it stays this way is because my community believes lies. My American communities are riding w tha devil. Sure, they are! If money is more important to you than tha well-being of people, you are riding with tha devil. If you ever put a stumbling block in tha way of your brother, my guy, you are riding w tha devil. I can't say I haven't done that before, but I embrace my convictions. And so, I fight to become a better person. 

I don't care for tha help of anybody who doesn't do it from tha heart. So, if what I say or do makes you change your mind about idk, helping me, then you never intended to help me from tha start. We let all this crazy bs fly while idiots get richer and richer but I speak a little truth to power and I get shunned, blocked, and forgotten about.

But Thank God for me! I am A Man who desires a righteous heart. I am a Man who will lay it all on tha line for tha principle. It's not my religious beliefs that should set me apart from my community. It's tha knowledge that does that. We can't be friends not because I believe in Jesus Christ. We can't be friends because I've learned knowledge that you refuse to learn for yourself. I'm not tha only holder of good news.

When I was in jail this time last year, there was this book sitting on tha jail bars for anyone to come and take. It was a free book with good news in it. I didn't immediately take it because I'm conscious of not taking what doesn't belong to me. But, a couple days pass, and still, nobody wanted tha good news. Cats was facing years and life sentences yet, nobody picked up a book that said good news. So, I picked it up! I started reading it. I began believing what I was reading. I started to eat tha words. Next thing I know, my bail was reduced from $1.1M to only $200k AND got bailed out soon thereafter. The inmates couldn't believe it! I had straight up gangstaz attending prayer call. They was giving me hugs and inviting me to spreads. I prayed for peace in tha hearts of tha these Men every morning. I prayed for God to spare tha life of tha person who got hurt so that he too may come to repentance. And God has answered every single one of my prayers. Because they were made in Faith. 

And you niggaz gon sit here and tell me I'm wrong for believing in Jesus when I've personally experienced his saving grace throughout my entire life. All because you niggaz 'rather' believe there is something you can do within your own power to save yourself. We know tha devil is real, but we also know that he is a created being and IS NOT comparable to God himself. We know we have power thru Christ to tear down strongholds. We know Christ has conquered tha world, death, and tha grave. And that's why I'm unstoppable! That's why I'm such an extraordinary individual. Because I believe in tha one who blessed me with these gifts. And although I'm a sinner, I will never fall away from tha Truth.

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