Songs You Should Hear: New Bops for the New Year!

It’s the first New Music Friday of 2023! With that, we return to form by giving you some Songs You Should Hear to start the New Year off right!

We’re excited to present some new faces and sounds here, as we embark fully on the first leg of this 365-day quest. Come along for the ride!

Artist: August Gonzalez
Genre: Hip Hop
Why You Should Hear It: This recent track from the Iowa native is, in her own words, the heaviest and most experimental she’s ever released. Incorporating everything from hard rock guitars to congas and cowbells, “TRIPPIN” is about “the first and last time” Gonzalez” tried acid.

“The chorus is the scariest part of the trip. In this part of the trip, I got tunnel vision and thought I saw myself dying,” Gonzalez said. “I looked down and there was blood all over my arms, I was being taken to the hospital in an ambulance, and I wasn’t sure if I was alive or dead.”

Artist: KJ Wild
Song: self sabotage
Genre: Alternative
Why You Should Hear It: This upstart duo — which combines the talents of songwriters Kiki Halliday and Jon Worthy — writes “good songs about bad feelings.” This one, in the band’s own words, “tells the relatable tale of balancing inner turmoil with self-help, with neither battle winning indefinitely,” and does so in a way that is sure to replay in your mind!

Artist: Unicorn Nipple! ft. Lord Goldie
Song: Osmosis Jane
Genre: Pop/R&B/Hip Hop
Why You Should Hear It: This is a banger about discovering a love so rare, it’s otherworldly! The new single is loaded with future pop sensibility, soul-drenched vocals, and a slick, hard-hitting verse from one of our Nashville OGs.

What do you think we should hear? You’re always welcome to let us know! And, if you’re an artist (or represent an artist), you can fill out one of these forms to put your music on our radar!

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