NBA YoungBoy | BLACK | Rating & Review by Mistah Wilson

See, I knew I didn't like NBA YounBoy for a reason smh. 2 minutes of hot garbage that everybody who made a cameo in tha video could've stayed home from. You know money is tha root of all evil when you got a whole bunch of people dancing in tha snow for a 2minute video shoot with an overrated rapper. 

Now, in all fairness, I will say, that once tha beat came on, I thought YB was onto something. Really had me like, ok ok hold on. Then when his lyrics dropped, my face was turned upside down. I'm actually glad tha song was only 2 some odd minutes. Then it shows him leaving everybody on set without saying it's over lol. You can lowkey tell even he didn't want to be there. 

Lyrics were pure garbanzo beanery and all tha antics in tha video was clownish. If I was tha video guy for this song, I'd probably have turned it down for tha song quality being so poor. There's no way this quality of music is in demand without that portion of tha world who likes this shit losing their mind. Song has 0 substance both creatively and intellectually. Cheap music with cheap music video cameos...for what? What was tha purpose of even spending time on a song like this?

In my personal opinion, there should be no place in Hip Hop for tasteless audio like this. It's not even music, it's just a bunch of young people wilding out to noise. But, who am I kidding? The video has done over a couple million views in under a week. I can't even say one of my podcasts episodes have went that viral. Nope, not even one. And so, well, because of that, I embrace having my own opinion all tha more. 

The replay value of this song is amongst tha lowest you can go. There was nothing catchy about this song. At some point, you just gotta ask yourself, what does music like this really do for me? How is it supposed to make me feel? Am I supposed to get jiggy with this? Because if so, I wouldn't have known. In conclusion, get this song tf out of here! This song, or even a song like this, would never make my Spotify playlist. And I don't even listen to Spotify. 

Rating 2.1

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