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OPINION: Making The Case For Homosexuality As A Psychological Disorder

I charge homosexuals with psychological disorders. And if tha psych eval comes back with non-supporting evidence then I challenge tha science. If it is proven that there is evidence of psychological disorder, then those who identify, or are recognized as, homosexual, will have to register with tha county clerk to ensure these persons do not gain access to positions of authority or influence in today's society. They will also have access to prioritized psychiatric mental health treatments.

If it is proven that there is little to no evidence of psychological disfunction, then we challenge tha science with tha highest scrutiny possible. If it is found that tha evidence has been tampered with or intentionally misinterpreted in order to satisfy any particular persons, corporations, groups, or special interests, those agents will be held criminally liable for conspiracy to commit genocide and 1st degree attempted murder for tha planning and plotting to kill unborn babies out of sheer free will, irresponsibility, and reckless negligence. To encourage lifestyles that promote a direct threat to tha reproduction of humanity is dangerous, selfish, and outright criminal both legally and morally. 

Endorsing homosexuality because you care about people's feelings is no different than you letting me burn down tha building..."just because I want to." How can you call yourself truly caring about someone if you don't have tha guts to tell them tha Truth? What happens is, we allow and even encourage others to bask in tha ignorance of their sin so that it helps us feel better about our own vices that we consciously refuse to address. We have ourselves to deal with. And even if this entire case loses every argument, there are still unavoidable, fundamental questions that homosexuals and their sympathizers consistently fail to answer.

The truth is, there are those who know what they're doing and then there are those who are genuinely confused. Those who know what they're doing more than likely knows why they're doing it. Those who don't know what they're doing are, a lot of times, influenced and misled by other sinister and rebellious individuals. If one wants to make tha case for homosexuality being accepted in open society, it is important that you fully understand HOW and/or WHY you believe what you believe. These are issues you don't just leave to intuition. I mean, what parent, in their right minds, would want their children to witness unnatural behaviors and be introduced to concepts of sexuality before they even reach puberty? How is it that we have to have open, public discussions about detestable behaviors that distract from tha true issues we face as humanity? I mean, we can't even get to tha meat and potatoes cuz all these noodles are in tha way and I don't recall asking to eat anyone's spaghetti 🤣

If tha homosexuals beat tha case outright and tha people speak and side with them..We will leave tha country. No point in arguing with people that don't want to make sense. And I mean, c'mon, are we really gonna look each other all in tha eyes, reaching to tha inner depths of our souls, and really act like homosexuality isn't absolute disgusting behavior? And this is why we bring forth tha charge of psychological disorder. Should tha evidence reveal that there is, in fact, proof of a consistent psychological disorder within homosexual individuals, then they are to receive top of tha line psychiatric mental health treatment free of charge. And that's where all tha support and resources for tha LGBT community ought to be going. The LGBTQIA should not be tha curators of culture while those of heterosexual orientation, who have natural desires to build healthy families and communities, are subject to such inflammatory influence. 

Take tha "What Is A Woman" documentary, for example. I mean, here you have a guy who went to extreme measures to get professionals, experts, and specialists to answer one simple question: what is a woman? And instead of directly answering tha question, they respond with questions. They create bicker and banter to distract from having to answer tha initial question. For whatever reason, they just cannot answer tha question. It's not that they can't, it's that they won't. What could possibly be more narcissistic than someone who is strong and wrong? People who would lie to your face even with evidence on tha table. Distractions homosexuals and their sympathizers like to allude to is "homophobia". For one, they call it homophobia but also gets offended at tha term "homo". They try and call you homophobic then hit you with all kinds of insults as if you're a hateful person when tha reality is we are actually addressing THA BEHAVIORS of homosexuality. It's not tha people, in and of themselves, that we take issue with. For we know and believe that we battle against spirits and principalities in tha heavens. I know this is true because I understand our fallen nature. I understand why tha devil is after us, and why God allows him to commit offenses. For tha devil hates us for how much God loves us. Because we were made a little lower than tha angels, but in tha likeness of God that he made with plans to be worshiped by other spiritual and heavenly beings along with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Perhaps this article leads to a much bigger question. Why aren't you mad? If you were truly "woke" to tha harsh realities we face as humanity and as a community, you'd be up in arms! But, instead, I have to remember we were all raised in Disneyland. And what that means is that we were raised to believe in myths and fairy tales. This article motivates me to start a podcast segment interviewing homosexuals with tha sole purpose of getting them to admit their problem. And I'll use it as a platform to show state legal bars that I'm a better detective without their examinations and accreditations.

And to think, they put me on psych meds as a child simply because I had a lot of energy and had different learning curves. Had nothing to do with my ability to function normally. But, you get a member of tha LGBTQIA community out here using science to deny biology lol and you're gonna tell me with a straight face there's nothing wrong with that?

If your answer to that was yes, well congratulations. You have just identified yourself as 'sinister'. And by all means, please do ask me what I mean by that!

All we have is now, and tha future is not ours to give (away). Be responsible. Read your Bible. Love your neighbor. Peace & blessings.



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