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Fatal Lucciauno on Being Born In Chicago But Raised In Seattle "The Central District Has My Heart"


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Mistah Wilson: Yo, Fatal! What's tha word, fam!? Honored to have you here with us for an exclusive interview w/ ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. I remember interrupting you at IHOP on Madison Ave to give you our business card a year or so back. We've been aware of you for some time so it is good to finally get to follow-up with you. What's new?
Fatal Lucciauno: I’ve been working hard staying positive and raising my kids New label New Music New energy.

Mistah Wilson: For our audience reading this, could you hit us with a quick background on yourself?
Fatal Lucciauno: I was born in Chicago Illinois. Moved to Seattle in the 90’s. Lives everywhere in the city/region but the Central District has my heart. East Cherry street to be exact. Been rapping since I was 8yrs old. Started off professionally recording music with SportnLife records in the 98-99 school year.


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