Meet Hip Hop Musician "Grip Da Bodyrocka" from Cleveland, Ohio

Henry Abercrombie III BKA Grip Da Bodyrocka AKA Big Grip, a native of Cleveland Ohio, where he remained until the age of 15 years old. Grip is no stranger to the street life growing up on Kingsman avenue and running through the rough streets of Indianapolis (BKA Naptown). At a very young age and realizing that music was his passion; Grip began on a journey to find his creative self. He founded his own label G.O.T.G Mafia Music Entertainment Group in 2008. It wasn't until two years after that in 2010 Grip Da Bodyrocka began to perfect his craft and create his own path toward making his own mark on the music industry with songs such his early records such as “Can You Keep Up” and “Ima Beast”. Grip DBR has collaborated with artists and producers such as DJ Unk, Bricc Hard, Bone The Butcher, Taru, Wildlife Ent, Hip-Hop Legend Keith Murray. and producers such as Blasian Beats, Orelli,, Mr. Universal, and King David of “Slideway’s ENT”. On Dec 25,2022 the release of his starring roll in indie film "Flytalk 101"will sure to widen the audience's consumption of Grip's talent and skill.

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