LISTEN: I Dye My Hair With Free Zuma (literally)
Bi-coastal duo Free Zuma are front man David Kuehl who has a perfect marriage of Trent Reznor’s tone and Dave Pirner’s (Soul Asylum) vulnerability; as well as Andrew Wallace and his palpable southern California psychedelic rock takes me to the sounds of the Allah Las and Mystic Braves.

If you’ve been looking for the okay to go ahead and pull the switch and start your journey into your quarter-life or mid-life crisis, this is it.

We’ve all been there or will be soon. In the middle of writing down your soul-searching to-do list, an assault to your ear drums, throwing us into the soundtrack of our next biggest adventure.

Free Zuma is presenting themselves to us as a friend to lean on, and absolutely convince you to get that questionable tattoo. They want to be the friend by your side as you make some questionable but self discovery decisions that will kick you into the rest of your life. You are, so to speak, reinventing the wheel.

Music is a time machine. With every great memory, every great revolution, there is a specific playlist or song or artist we all favorited and shoved down everyone’s throat (we all know someone who likes Rush a little too much).

And much like every defining era, the mood changes, the relationships change, the seasons change… and we are onto a new infusion of favorites that gets us through the healing, grieving, or celebratory process – or just through the pile of laundry in that one chair in the corner. You know what I’m talking about.

While we aren’t ever intentionally creating our playlists, and I’m not sure if we would ever change the songs or the weight they have in our lives, navigating them, sharing them, and holding them close in our time of need is the free therapy we have grown to depend on.

Lady with blue hair pulled back in pony tail.
Not bad, right?

I didn’t mean for it to happen, but I know several years from now I’m going to remember Free Zuma‘s song “Dye My Hair” because of how it just stumbled upon my lap, and at the exact moment I am literally waiting to get my hair cut

and dyed. I’ve told everyone this is the year of my mid-life crisis and I don’t care how desperate the term has been coined, I’m taking this in stride, and the pressure and responsibility for every change I’m creating is uncomfortably freeing.

While I’m not insisting you run off to Tokyo and have an encounter with a younger woman, a la Lost In Translation, I am encouraging you to find some good songs to comfort you during your time of self discovery, like “Dye My Hair” – before regretfully a BTS song becomes your eardrum souvenir.

Curating a new version of you is going to take some influences from the things that make you happy, and things you didn’t know could. If you’re anything like me, having a music timestamp define significant moments of growth allows me to open the doors I wish to, and keep locked the ones I’d rather.

Save them to your playlist so you have them ready to go when you need the encouragement to make slightly questionable but harmless decisions while you’re catapulted into a new version of you.

Trust me on this vibe guys, no longer do we shame ourselves into a crisis, but a celebration!

Don’t come to me, the purple will wash out. Promise.

Follow the duo over at Instagram here and check out their brand new video down below.

Free Zuma music video premiere for “Dye My Hair”
Not bad, right?

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