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Burnt Batch - The Produce Aisle - 2022


2xLP - 2022 - 90s Tapes / HHV

"The Produce Aisle" marked the full-length debut of Burnt Batch in 1999 and is one of those nuggets from the flourishing Westcoast underground scene around that time. The trio from Stockton, CA, was formed by Rukus, Pause and Pismo who mostly handled the production as well as the writing & raps. 15 tracks with that special blend of laid-back rhymes and Jazz-infected beats." - courtesy of 90s Tapes

Available on black vinyl 2LP (500 copies) CD (Digipak & Jewel Case, 150 copies each) and cassette (100 copies). 

Order : Vinyl / CD Digipak / CD Jewel Case / K7 

source http://hiphop-thegoldenera.blogspot.com/2022/10/burnt-batch-produce-aisle-2lp-2022.html


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