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"Round Here" by Pableze (Song Review)

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 Hailing from Redlands out in San Bernardino County, "Round Here" is a song off Pableze's album "Reflection" and I must say, issa banger, homie! It has that laid back cruising in tha whip on tha way to do some dirt type of vibe lol. First thing that comes to mind when this song comes on is 50 Cent's debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin'. Of course this is a different beat but sounds like it could be in tha same realm as that.

The lyrics start off dope. If I didn't already know Pableze and I turned this song on, I'd probably be rocking with it. He continues to impress and show that he has the versatility to make commercially-viable rap music. This is a song I would share with my friends and play in my car or even cleaning up around tha house. Bang this cut, homeboy!


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