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The Advent of Hip-Hop

African, Latino, and Caribbean Americans have named the cultural movement led by them hip hop since the 1970s. It included hip-hop music as well as rap. Hip-hop is made up of 4 basic constituents and 5 subordinate constituents. The first ones are significant for the perception of hip-hop music. On the other hand, the others are not so significant for comprehension of music, whereas they are still vital.

Breakdance, rap, DJing and graffiti are the four constituents of Hip Hop music.

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The Hip Hop History

Hip Hop originated in the late 1970s in the Bronx. It has been known as a city underground motion. This direction of music was concentrated on parties in private houses and blocks in the microregions of MC. It was always considered as a potent method of protest that has been applied against legal authorities in case they have tried to squeeze on minorities, notably against police and jail. Hip Hop was also a way of self-expression for the Latino and black young people in the Bronx, which has arisen in the ravaged surrounding and its ruins. This community has been considered marginalized and insignificant for a long time.

MC and rap has occurred from the culture of African Americans during which men rivaled each other using their original language to seduce the listeners. Later on, this style of speech had been applied in everyday talks. The lyrics of contemporary hip hop was about  sexual, political, and social context and the main elements have been already employed in the music of African Americans. First and foremost, the anchorman was introducing the DJ to have the audience allured. During the music of the DJ, the anchorman would tell jokes and make the people dance. Shortly, the distinction between anchorman and DJ has been cancelled as the role of anchorman was not wholesome no longer. The speech had been replaced by a  rhythmic play of words, which had conceded its place to rap and rhyming in its current shape.

Hip hop was not only music. It is also a social and political message to human beings about the conditions of living in ghettos. Moreover, thanks to mentioned, hip hop allures a broader range of artists of various races.




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