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Landlords of the Morgue - Welcome to the Morgue EP - 2021


"Landlords of the Morgue was an obscure three man crew from Texas consisting of One Son, Dot Nice & Madd Scripts. They met while serving in the army at Ford Hood but all came from different states originally. One Son from Alabama, Dot Nice was from Queens, NY and Madd Scripts from Chicago. They hooked up with producer Ashton “DJ Cassanova” Irons (Papa Chuk/Project Crew) in Killeen, Texas after a showcase Cass attended. He was working with them individually and finally decided to put them together to form Landlords. What we have here are seven tracks that originally appeared on a very obscure homemade cassette that was effectively used as their demo tape – good luck finding that. Currently there is no info on the net about them and no Discogs listing, yet!" - courtesy of Chopped Herring Records

350 copies available (120 copies on Green/Black Vinyl & 230 copies on trad Black Wax)





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