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G-Mo Skee – “The Filth Element” (Album Review)

G-Mo Skee is a 30 year old MC from Richmond, California coming up as a member of the Inf Gang. He would drop 2 mixtapes Got Filth & Got Filth II: The Great Adventures of G-Mo independently before Twiztid signed him to Majik Ninja Entertainment in 2016, his full-length debut My Filthy Spirit Bomb coming out that same winter. But I personally think G’s sophomore effort Chaly & the Filth Factory is his best work so far because of it’s incredible concept & the instrumentals accompanying it (mostly handled by former Strange Music in-house producer Seven). But to celebrate his 30th born day & amicably leaving MNE to do his own thing, G-Mo is back on the scene for his highly anticipated 3rd album.

“Hate to Love” kicks things off with some plinky keys going at the throats of everyone who despises him whereas “Kick Rocks” shoots for somber boom bap sound a telling those to want him to dissolve to sick his dick. “Return of the Filth” has these heinous organ harmonies with the title speaking for itself in terms of content just before the eerie Stu Bangas joint “Geelo” calls out them watered down MCs.

Meanwhile on “B.A.M.F. (Badass Muthafucka)” we have Blind Fury assisting G-Mo over a somewhat Middle Eastern-tinged instrumental to say they’ll never conform with a hilarious reference to South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut at the very beginning leading into him proclaiming himself as the “Underdog” with a beat that sounds just like the one from “Bully” by Eminem.

I can definitely see “Smash” being a moshpit starter whenever he starts performing live again given that everything about it makes you wanna punch someone in the face while “Pinkies Up” serves as an violin-induced ode to his team. “Take 2 Puffs” is a more depressive cut saying he’s afraid of the future & might need counseling, but then the Jae Harmony-assisted “Rich City” is a cinematic tribute to their hometown.

“You Know Who” compares himself to Voldermort with some hypnotic background vocals that C-Lance throws in the mix whereas “Prolapse” is a trap banger basically saying “fuck the world” & the Half Baked tribute at the beginning is hilarious. The title track has a bit of a horror flick vibe in terms of sound with G telling y’all haven’t heard anything like this, but then Tech N9ne & Trizz aggressively come in on “Fuck It All Up” to talk about taking over the game.

The song “Brody” is easily the most heart-wrenching on the entire album with G detailing the story of his brudda’s downward spiral & the perfect beat to kick the emotions up to over 9,000 while the penultimate track “Can’t Fuck With It” has a bit of a Bay Area sound opening up about the things he doesn’t like. Lastly, the Nobe/produced closer “Flying Cars” goes back into trap territory addressing his departure from MNE & almost quitting a couple Christmases back.

A lot of people (including myself) waited 3 long years for this day to come & it was absolutely worth it. This dude exemplifies why I truly believe he’s one of the best lyricists I’ve heard in the last decade & for it being the first time mixing his own shit, he did a fantastic job.

Score: 9/10




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