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Why Rappers Give Back to the Kids

"...before I concerned myself with being a good uncle, I focused on being a good brother first." -Mistah Wilson

Seasons of rap careers have come and gone. The revolution of social media and instant direct connection with fans has subsequently unmasked a new era of creative marketing strategies. When it comes to "putting on a show", are high profile musical acts any different from big-screen actors and actresses in film? While we can't bypass tha integrity of fine arts, we can still determine for ourselves if a performer is...sincere or authentic. I see thru actor's performances all tha time, but please spare me on tha mentions. I don't want to get too far off track here. Over tha past, let's say, 10 years or so, we've seen artists do all kinds of charitable deeds. And, they put it out for tha whole world to see. 

In this particular article, I want to talk about why rappers give back to tha kids. Like, tha real reason, ya feel me? Recently, while browsing Instagram, I've been exposed to accounts that claim they are busy giving back to tha kids, helping them do this, helping them do that. When I hear artists and musicians say things like this, they're usually speaking on tha contrary to some form of opposition. And giving back to tha kids becomes somewhat of a defense mechanism they use to leverage their own character a bit. And so, tha impression that I'm left with is that they're simply just...putting on a show. After all, is that not tha name of tha game?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Now, let me not get ahead of myself here. I'm sure there are figures out there who are genuine and sincere in their efforts to support tha causes that impact them. There are rappers who give back to tha youth in a real way. But, what I'd like to address is how giving back to tha kids becomes a scapegoat for not having to help pave tha way for their own peers. These types of mindsets breed all kinds of jealousy, especially when neither parties have a solid foundation of Truth. Tha type of jealousy that can lead to unfortunate things happening to you that you probably don't deserve. And, as it usually happens, one may feel like he doesn't have to explain himself or that he doesn't owe anybody anything. Especially people who were around him that never helped him succeed. This is a critical point in our cohesiveness as a community and why what we believe matters; but we can get into that some other time. 

You may very well feel like you don't owe anybody anything. In my personal opinion, aside from having general respect and kindness for people, we always owe tha next person what someone does for us. That "each one teach one" structure is a healthy one. I did a podcast on 'why tha world owes us everything' to offer a different, more traditional perspective on why we should exercise more care for each other. Perhaps why we should take on tha responsibility of each other's well-being. Now, here is where it gets kinda deep. So, if you don't want to scratch tha surface, I won't be mad if you stopped reading now. But, I do want to note that tough love is what helped me learn a lot of things on my own.

As I grew up in America, year after year I began to notice a common denominator. It became apparent as to why there are countless broken homes sprouting up in our communities feeding off an inhibiting welfare system...and people even settling for it. In this country called USA, citizens are born not being told tha Truth. We are essentially sucked into a matrix and taught how to be subjects in a stranger's game. And these root issues stimulate divisive competition amongst inner-city communities. Our lack of peace enriches tha lives of those who established tha game. Therefore, our destruction has become good for business.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Not knowing tha Truth, we go thru life believing in lies that lead us to tha destruction of each other, IF we don't get to ourselves first. Rappers striving to make a name for themselves get creative and strategic to help establish their brand. And this can include tha type of events where they give back to tha kids. Am I saying that rappers, or anybody for that matter, is wrong for giving back to children? Absolutely not! We already know it is an admirable thing, which could possibly (solely) be your motivation for doing it. And, we aren't huge fans of appeasement. Why condition children to be ill-prepared for a dynamic life, but instead fill it with activities that will prompt their role in tha beast system that is not working towards their overall best interest?

We don't know what it means to sow our tears. Vengeance consumes our hearts and we are thrusted into tha wild. When you are put in a cage, it is eat or be eaten. And that has been tha reality for God's children who've been tricked into performing witchcraft thru tha likes of music and tha arts. Sacrificing tha essence of their being, their Soul, for temporary gain in this here life. And in tha process, helping destroy their own environment beyond repair. In this way, music has been weaponized and any member of tha community can pick this up off tha TV screen.

When I finally became "woke", I gave answer to tha question "Am I My Brother's Keeper"? My answer to that is Yes, I am my Brother's keeper! But, see, in America, we are taught that every person can just do whatever they want, even if it means destroying themselves. But, if God has already given us free-will, why can't we work within those lines? It has reached past tha point where we can't even defend our own households from tha grips of a shady system. Tha toxic nature of tha beast has gone into tha hearts and minds of God's people to influence an alternate mission in their lives.

Here is tha ultimate point I am trying to make in this article. I was a foster child that reunited with my biological family at age 18. My brother had two kids, making me an uncle. But, before I concerned myself with being a good uncle, I focused on being a good brother first. Before you think about giving back to tha kids, you should give back to your peers first; in a way that can teach them how to fish for themselves. They may be a kid no one was able to reach. If you care about tha kids now, you'll care about how they turn out when they reach even your stature in life. It is not a good thing that we frown upon our displaced brethren especially if there is something we can do about it. Doing such negates tha whole idea of doing charitable deeds for young people. It is in tha nature of fraternal societies to carry out charitable deeds in exchange for a good name. But, for tha children of God who didn't ask for these circumstances, it is our position to demonstrate love for one another.

In 2014, I ran the LA Marathon to help raise money for transitional aged foster youth like myself. Although, I successfully finished and donated my medal to tha org that sponsored me, seemingly nothing special came from it. It wasn't about putting on a show more than it was finding my way and helping others like me in tha process. Even back then, my mentality was to influence my community in tha best way, knowing that whatever I chose to do I would be setting an example; for better or worse. 

What tha kids need today is not your money. Kids need tha Truth and a structured environment that will give them tha instinctive tools they'll need to survive and think on their own. They need an influence who will exemplify tha acceptance of responsibility. In tha mean time, it would be good to build a foundation that directly benefits tha entire community. Because acting like you don't owe anything to your contemporaries is a recipe for envious disaster. Learn tha Truth, study your mistakes, and strive to become better.

1 John 5:20 And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life.

I want to finish this article by acknowledging tha hardships that come with forgiveness. It's not necessarily an easy thing to do when you're being insulted or dealing with an angry person. You may hold back a blessing from someone because they had a poor attitude...and rightfully so! But, I like what Wes Watson says in his videos," We build tha best versions of ourselves, and give it to tha world." With God in our lives, nothing is more important than what we do for each other. By being mindful of my people, it breeds patience, a virtue I've been searching relentlessly for. And tha realization that sometimes, it is my fault. I'm not perfect or any better than any other person. 

And for tha record, let me clarify why I am qualified to write this article. I am a conscious mind who was once a child. I've heard this story over and over yet, I've never benefitted from any rapper's success. If tha Truth is in us, we will see tha virtue of love and care with clarity. And we would trust God, knowing and believing he sees everything. This is what it means to sow our tears. Now, get out there! You have a community to build!


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