Defter – “Bleakmatic” (Album Review)

Defter is a hip-hop duo composed of Raw Proof and SK9. Last year, they released their first major album titled “Bleakmatic”. With a chance at becoming the rap games, next super duo will Defter deliver an unforgettable experience?

Through twelve tracks, Defter releases their anger towards an array of brewing issues in the world. Moments such as the redefining “The Basics” and fear-mongering “All In” best capture the two’s ability to scorch each bar with firey commentary that will undoubtedly challenge anyone listening to think. On top of their potent songwriting, the two seem to connect seamlessly. Highlighted on the brilliant “Arnold Drummond,” we see these two trade bars and play with each other’s words at a surreal level. When it comes to the two’s performance, the only gripes I have come in the department of their deliveries, which can feel too dull or lackluster. The awful hooks, which are both terribly delivered and poorly written on various occasions, are even worse, but these issues are far from enough to ruin the experience. Aside from these issues, both Raw Proof and SK9 layout all the intangibles to become a great duo that can dominate for years to come. 

Behind the boards, there’s a hard-hitting soundtrack that puts a modern spin on classic boom-bap. Each track is crafted to the best of the pair’s budget, and there are hardly any occasions where the soundscape leaves something to be desired. “F.A.n.g.” is one of the best-produced tracks here with its gloomy piano-infused instrumental that brings the best out of both MCs. A neat touch that is seen through most of the tracks is the insertion of various vocal clips and skits. Opening up moments such as “Capital Gains” and “Biography Channel,” these thought-provoking monologues serve as the perfect segways into these super thoughtful thinking pieces. With a soundtrack that sounds proficient while also adding context at every corner possible, Defter shows they shine just as well on the sonic side as they do on the microphone. 

In conclusion, “Bleakmatic” is a giant leap forward for a hip-hop duo that shows so much promise. Defter honestly reminds me of a Run The Jewels type duo due to the contrast in their personalities and the chemistry they possess. Going forward, both Raw Proof and SK9 will continue to grow and improve as artists, and if you want to see what Defter does next, be sure to follow @stricknine999 and @rawproof on Instagram!

Rating: 7/10


  • Chemistry
  • Boom bap style modernzined
  • Interesting skits
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