Renton, WA Artist E. Castro talks New Music, Life in the Pacific Northwest, and Fighting Cancer in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson

Having reached out on Instagram, Mistah Wilson connected with Renton, WA Hip Hop artist E. Castro to discuss his latest project "By Design", life in tha Pacific Northwest, and fighting testicular cancer. 

"By the grace of God, and through faith I believe were all capable of making it through anything that's part of the greater plan."

Mistah Wilson: Yo, E. Castro! Good lookn on coming thru for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! How ya been?
E. Castro: Been good great fam, All glory to God. It's been a hell of a ride this far but we're here. Rentons in the buildin'.

Mistah Wilson: For our audience reading this, could you give us a quick background on yourself?
E. Castro: I'm 27, Living in Portland Oregon right now by way of Renton Washington. Youngest of 3, Parents separated when I was really young so my mom had to work all day everyday. So as a result of that I was out in the street all day everyday from the moment I was a young boy . But I say all that to say that those things were the catalyst for what made me get into music and served as a major blessing even though you don't realize it when you're going through it.

Mistah Wilson: I absolutely Love your songs, man! I think you have an excellent ear for samples and solid wordplay. What's your process when creating new music?
E. Castro: Usually it takes me a minute to find the right beat. I gotta dig through the crates until I find the right sample and then everything comes together in that moment. A story that's been waiting inside of me comes up, I freestyle the chorus until I put something together and then just let the pen do its thing on the verses. It's a really beautiful experience. Something that's hard to explain

Mistah Wilson: What current and upcoming projects do you have in tha works?
E. Castro: I just dropped a 7 track EP on Spotify, Apple Music & All Major Platforms Called "By Design" So make sure yall go peep that and let me know what yall think! I also got another EP in the works set to drop in December. I haven't finalized a date yet but as soon as I do i'll make sure to tap in and let yall know! Stay tuned, this one is going to a new level of production & im on my storytelling ish

Mistah Wilson: Who are some artists you've pulled inspiration from that have helped shape tha artist you are today?
E. Castro: There so many artists from so many parts of the U.S, I could go on all day talking about the ways they influenced my style. But to name a few major major inspirations i gotta say, Tupac, Nas, Nipsey Hussle, J Cole & Jay Z. These 5 are all on my mount rushmore of storytelling and the business models of Nip & Jay are unmatched. The way they provoke emotion through their lyricals is something

I aspire to do. I hope one day my music can make someone feel the way their music makes me feel till this day. 

Mistah Wilson: In what ways do you deal with tha ups and downs you experience along your journey as an artist?
E. Castro: I go harder. I am about to celebrate 4 years in Remission from Stage 2b Testicular Cancer. By the grace of God, and through faith I believe were all capable of making it through anything that's part of the greater plan. So whenever any obstacle comes, whether it be relationship issues, Money issues, Family issues, Health issues, Etc, All I can do is do my part and keep the faith that something good is supposed to come out of it and search for it until it smacks me in the face and I see the bigger picture. So in other words, Just dont stop. Pray, Hustle & Repeat.

Mistah Wilson: In your own words, what's tha best thing about creating music?
E. Castro: I feel the most alive when I make music. Money comes and goes. People go in and out of your life in different phases of life. But the one thing nobody can take is the music. Whether I was a young kid in Renton broke, hustling. I had the music. Whether I had differences with someone close to me, I had the music. When I was going through cancer and going through chemotherapy, I had the music. It's the only thing that is always there & now it's my job to give people that food for thought that the others before me, gave me.

Mistah Wilson: If you could only recommend one song of yours to a new potential fan, which one would it be and why?
E. Castro: Damn.. that's tough. They are all like my babies. I would have to say go listen to "The Great Escape" for now. It isn't my most successful song streaming wise but I feel like if you had to listen to one song that embodies what i'm going through right now. That's it!

Mistah Wilson: Where can people find and follow you online?
E. Castro: You can find me on the following online platforms
-Instagram: Ecastrpdx
-Youtube: E. Castro 
-Apple Music: E. Castro 

Mistah Wilson: Yo, E. Castro! Thanks for coming through for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! If you have any shout outs, now's tha time to drop em ...
E. Castro: Appreciate you having my fam, it's been an honor! we will be in touch soon my guy. Major Salute to The Watchers Music Group & My Team. We're about to put Renton on the map! Major Salute to DillyGotItBumpin for crazy beats with unmatched samples! Major Salute to everyone in Sao Paulo Brazil, The Whole West coast I see you! And above all, All Glory to God. He's making the impossible possible! I'll see y'all soon!

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