Meet Soul Funk Indie Band "Spanish Palms" from Las Vegas, Nevada

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Spanish Palms is a music group formed in Las Vegas NV in early 2019. Spanish members consist of musicians from different parts of the united states. All thanks to the power of the internet originally the four members met through an add on craigslist. Formerly known as Force Fed Food vocalist Fernando Solano met keyboardist Andy Valor from Florida through a post on craigslist. The two musicians would occasionally get together and work on small pieces of tracks that would originally have a specific template and experimented with what they would create. Later bassist Jd san jose from New Jersey relocated to Las vegas in early January 2019 and joined the experimentation already at work with Fernando and Andy. Eventually long time friend and drummer Andy Zepeda joined in percussion to serve Spanish Palms the beat you hear today. The band is fairly new and already striving to be heard locally and around the web to circulate as much sound as they can within the time they have been active. In only seven months the band has jotted down two singles and recently released their first single "Tino" on outlets Youtube and Soundcloud. Follow the fast growth of the group as they plan to surf across the ears of many music lovers alike from jazz to psych rock , R and B to dream pop. Spanish Palms is currently working on their first EP and have yet to announce their live shows and release dates.

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