Long Island MC M.O.U.F Releases New Album "Move Over U Finished" (((STREAM)))

One might say M.O.U.F was born into the culture of Hip Hop. He moved from the Bronx to Manhattan on the same street Juice, Sugar Hill, and Jungle Fever were filmed, back to the Bronx again. He also had an incisive ear for music at an early age that transformed into a passion and fascination once he witnessed his brother create wizardry on the turntables. Heavily influenced by his mother and Redman, M.O.U.F set out to make a name for himself in the music industry and in Hip Hop. “I am going to make a better life for myself and my family, I have a story to tell.”

That began the making of M.O.U.F, not just a name but a movement which stands for Move Over U Finished. He released his debut and self-titled album “M.O.U.F” as a lyrical, heavy hitting introduction to New York and the world. Immediately embraced by fans, Hip Hop communities, and the music industry as a whole, it was evident his passion and fascination quickly turned into a career. From his debut album he went on to release several other projects including “You Hear It”, “Destination Long Island”, “Throwback Thursday’s I’ll 16 Ya’ll to Death”, “DVD Bar Skits”, and “Broken Silence”.

To date, M.O.U.F linked up with his Long Island, better known as “Strong Island”, family and released the mixtape “MXNXPXLY MAYHEM”. In between radio and media appearances, as well as touring he's released his newest album titled "Move Over U Finished" out everywhere now for streaming and purchase. The album offers something for everyone and is true to New York Hip-Hop!

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