Meet Hip Hop Songwriter & Engineer "Mac Judah" from Tacoma, Washington

I am a Young Upcoming Artist From Tacoma, Wa. I'm 23Yrs old Raised with my brother by My Mom. I Played Basketball Most of My Time growing up and I also grew up in the church where I first got my inspiration for music. I didn't sing in The Choir But I always wanted to play the drums. Then I Begin to Like rap Music when I heard it and could remember all the lyrics to the song as a lil kid. I never Really Started writing my own music until I was about 18 and I only did because My Homeboy had started rapping who I did my first song with Nicko aka John Dough. Besides living the life I started rapping about I always had big dreams of owning my own business or doing something different than working for somebody. Thats when I about a year and a half ago Me and My Bro Hendo started taking this music serious and seeing where it could take us. Thats when I came up With "L.o.L" (LoyaltyoverLoot) Something I have always lived by and turned it into a Movement and While In the Process we Linked up With The Bro TT a childhood Friend of Hendo's. After That we Started Doing Music Together and Did a Couple Videos And People Started Liking it We was "L.o.L" and They was "400DreamTeam" but we are doing a lot of projects together and everything and really we were both one in the same and decided to just Lock-In Now We "LoL400" We got Hella Projects coming So stay Tuned and Shoutout Everyone Rockin with the Movement Lol400 #IfYouAintSlappinUsSlapYourSelf

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