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Mistah Wilson launches All-New Mixtape Circuit; Updates on status of ThaWilsonBlock

Songs played from Mistah Wilson's Mixtape Circuit can be heard on Mistah Wilson's Podcast.

Go to Mistah Wilson's Mixtape Circuit

Mistah Wilson has just launched what he is calling a Mixtape Circuit which is essentially a page featuring songs played on WilsonBlock100 Radio that listeners can access to download music they hear on tha show. This page was created to help Mistah Wilson acknowledge tha correct information about tha artists and music being played so that if a listener likes a song, there is a page they can get tha music from.

Songs in Mistah Wilson's Mixtape Circuit are instant download links served from his own cloud. This is an effort to reinforce WilsonBlock100 Radio as one Mistah Wilson's primary content strategies, while also increasing tha value of his podcast. "Every artist wants their song played and to have their respective credits acknowledged. Our new Mixtape Circuit will only help strengthen our platform to formally recognize and support local talent," explains Mistah Wilson. Songs played from Mistah Wilson's Mixtape Circuit can be heard on Mistah Wilson's Podcast.

Photo by Marcelo Chagas

The way Mistah Wilson's system currently works is like this: He records audio podcast episodes on random, interesting, and rather unique topics. These podcasts are designed to attract niche listeners to discover local artists thru tha local music featured on tha show. Song downloads increase, artists gain validity and are exposed to a wider audience in an organic fashion. 

Today, ThaWilsonBlock Magazine and WilsonBlock100 Radio are subcomponents of Mistah Wilson, since he is, in fact, tha very Man behind ThaWilsonBlock. ThaWilsonBlock Magazine contains all of Mistah Wilson's exclusive article-based content from news, reviews, and exclusive interviews to write-ups, poems, and special features. WilsonBlock100 Radio, on tha other hand, now features all of Mistah Wilson's audio/video-based content primarily centered around podcasts.

While Mistah Wilson renews tha purpose of his publications, Pasadena Music Scene has been reduced to a keyword label on All content featuring Pasadena artists and tha like can be found here. "Pasadena Music Scene will remain a keyword and Facebook page until we can assemble tha right team to turn this thing into a viable organization that serves local talent around the year," says Wilson.

There are two ways you can submit your music to Mistah Wilson's Mixtape Circuit. Songs must be featured here first in order to be played on WilsonBlock100 Radio

Local artists can join ThaWilsonBlock Network by signing up here. It is always free to join.

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